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Giving Back


Spousal Support

Generally spousal support is governed under Family Code Section 4320. On a temporary basis the courts generally use a computer program called Dissomaster to calculate the support to be awarded. I have this program and during a consultation I gather the information needed to provide my clients with a support calculation. A marriage of over ten years is considered a long-term marriage and therefore the court has permanent jurisdiction to award spousal support. Any marriage under ten years the court normally can award support for half the length of the marriage. Keeping these rules in mind, the court must look at how much each party makes, health insurance, union dues, and circumstances and factors from during the marriage as stated in FC4320. California is a no fault divorce state, support is based on income and need. Emotionally it is a difficult process, especially if a spouse has cheated, but the court cannot take that fact into consideration in awarding support. 
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